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File  No.  8-19/2021-INM    (99250) Government  o'f India

Ministry  of  Agriculture  and  Farmers Welfare

Department  of  Agriculture  and  Farmers Welfare


Krishi Bhawan New Delhi, Dated  28.07.2021



Subject:   Filling   up    of    9   vacancies   at    various    level   for    the     Project Management  Team (PMT) for   implementation   of  various  schemes in  INM   division,  DA&FW -reg.


Department  of Agriculture,   8<  Farmers  Welfare invites applications from the eligible candidates for filling  up of the following vacanciespurely on contract  basis for  a period  of  three  years subject  to  satisfactory performance (to  be reviewed annually),   in the INM  division In DA&FWas  under:

2.        The terms and conditions for appointment  on contract basis Is enclosed at


4.         Interested   candidates,  who  fulfill  the  eligibility   criteria may  submit  their application  in the  prescribed  proforma(Copy enclosed  as Annexure-II)   in sealed cover super-scribed "Application  for engagement  as                       (name  of the vacancy  applied  for)    on contract  basis in INM  Division  In DA&FW" which should reach this, office latest by 5,00  p.rn.,  26/08/2021,  at the following address:-


Deputy Secretary  (INM),

R. No. 347,  Krishi Bhawan

Department   of Agriculture  and Farmers  Welfare Ministry  of Agriculture  and Farmers Welfare Krishi Bhawan,  New Delhi~

(Neelam  Sharma)

Under Secretary  (INM) Department  of Agriculture  &Farmers  Welfare



1. All Ministries/Departments of Government of India/Subordinate/Attached offices of DA&FW.

2. All Notice Boards of DA&FW

Copy to: NIC for uploading this circular on the website of DA&FW


Annexure-I Terms  &  Conditions  for  apPointment   on  contract   basis  in  Project

Management Team  in  INM  Division  in 0/0    Agriculture   and Farmers

Welfare  CPA&FW)



1.      Period of engagement

The engagement will be purely on contract  basis for a period of three

years, subject to annual performance review.


2.        Selection  Procedure

The  engagement  will  be  purely  on  contrac basis.  Applications

received in response to this advertisement will be shortlisted  on the basis of experience  and  qualification   of  applicants.  Shortlisted   candidates  will  be called for interview  for selection. 

DA&FWreserves the right to reject any applicatiowithout  mentioning  any reason.


3.        Remuneration

A fixed monthly  remuneration as indicated  in the Circular/advertisement is

payable. The amount  of remuneration so fixed shall remain  unchanqec for

the  term  of contract  and there  will  be no annual  Increment  j   percentage increaseduring the contract period. The selected candidate will not be entitled to any  benefits. likPF, Pension, Gratuity,   Medical Allowance,  House Rent Allowance, DearnessAllowance, Transport Allowance or any other Allowance. No TA/DA is admissible for joining  the assignment or on its completion.


Expenditure incurreon travel for undertaking  official tours within  the country  in the  course  of  execution  of the  work  assigned  to  the  selected candidate will be reimbursed  as per Government of India  Rules.


4.          Leave

The selected candidate will be entitled  for the paid leave of 10 days

for each complete  year of service. Accumulation of leave beyond calendar year may not be allowed.  In special circumstances, the selected candidate could be caHedfor  services on holidays or beyond normal working  hours for which no extra  remuneration will be paid. However, for attending  office on Saturdays   /Sundavs/    Othe Gazetted   holidays,   they    may   b given compensatory off.


5.         Scope of Duties

During the period of such engagement, the selected candidate could

be called for services on holidays or beyond normal working  hours for which no extra remuneration would be required to perform  the duties assigned to them as per requirement. They will report  to JS/DS/USjSO depending upon the task assigned to them. 


6.         Office time  and working  hours

Engagement would be on full time basis. Working hours shall be from

9:00 AM to 5:30  PMduring  working  days Including half an hour lunch break in between. They will not be allowed to take any other assignment during the period of contractual  engagement. The selected candidate  may be called on Saturday/Sunday/other Gazetted holidays, If required.


The selected candidate  will  be required to mark  his/her  attendance  in Bio­

metric System or In the attendance register.


8.        Confidentiality   of data and documents

The Intellectual  Property Rights (IPR) of the data collected as well as

the dellverables  produced for the office shall remain with this office. No one shall utilize or publish or disclose or part with,  to a third  party,  any part of the data or statistics or proceedings or information  collected for the purpose of this  assignment  or during  the course  of the  assignment  for  the  office, without the express written  consent of the office. The selected candidate shall be bound to hand over the entire  set of records of aSSignmentto the office before the expiry of the contract, and before the final payment Is released by the office.


9.        Conflict of Interest

The  selected  candidate  appolnted  by  this  office,  shall  in  no case

represent or give opinion or advice to other in any matter  which is adverse to the Interest of thts office. The selected candidate would not be permitted to take up any other assignment during the period of engagement


10.      Termination   of service

The engagement may be terminated  at any time by the office without

aSSigningany reasons by giving  a notice of 07 days. In case, the selected candidate desires to leave the assignment,  he/she is to give 07 day's notice which can be curtailed/extended depending upon the workload.


In case any selected candidate Is found unfit on any account or if he/she  is found guilty of any Insubordination/misconduct, his/her services can be terminated  Immediately  without  any notice.


The selected candidate will not be entitled for any claim or right for continuing in asslqnment or regular eppointrnent to this assignment/post or any other post In the DA & FW/ Govt. of India.


11.     DA&FWshall not be responsible for any loss, accrdent, damage; injury suffered  by  the  selected  candidate  whatsoever   arising  in  or  out  of  the execution of his work Including travel. 


12.      Guidelines  for the submission  of the application

The duly completed application in prescribed proforma should be submitted  so as to  reach the  office  latest  by  5.00  p.m.,26/08/2021.  Any applicatio received  after   the  above  date  will  not  be  entertained.   The appllcatlon should be submitted  with the following documents:-

a) Copy of degree  and mark  sheet  in respect of educational  qualification indicated in the proforma

b) Copy of experience,  if any.

c) Copy of PANcard  and AADHARcard- mandatory

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