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AT SOLA, AHMEDABAD ­ 380  060.

Websites: &  https://hc­

ADVERTISEMENT NO. RC/B/1304/2021 (S.O. & S.A.)



Note :

Candidates  belonging  to  Scheduled  Caste  (SC)  & Economically  Weaker  Sections  (EWS) Categories for the post of System Officer and Candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste (SC) category for the post of System Assistant, may apply against Unreserved vacancies only and the criteria/norms meant  for the Unreserved Category will be applicable to them.  However, they may  be entitled for the relaxation in Examination Fees only.

So far as Differently Abled Persons  (PH) are concerned, looking  to the nature of job, the Visually Impaired Person cannot apply.

     Candidates desirous of  competing for  both the posts (i.e. System Officer  & System

Assistant) will have to apply  separately and also have to pay Fees separately.

The High Court reserves its right  to adjust/alter the  number  of vacancies notified  at  any stage. 

3.  In  any   case,   the   Upper   Age  Limit  for   any   Candidate  under   any Category/Class, shall  NOT exceed 45  Years, while  availing  the  above mentioned  Age  Relaxations  as  on   16/09/2021  [i.e  Last  Date   for submitting the Online Application].

3.         RESERVATION :

i.       For the post of System  Officer :

Reservation  for  Scheduled  Tribes,   Socially  and   Educationally  Backward Classes,   Women   and   Ex­Servicemen   shall   be   in   accordance  with   the prevailing  policies of the State Government.
ii.      For the post of System  Assistant  :

Reservation  for  Scheduled  Tribes,   Socially  and   Educationally  Backward Classes, Economically  Weaker  Sections,  Women  and  Ex­Servicemen  shall be in accordance with the prevailing  policies of the State Government.
iii.     Candidate  belonging   to  the  Reserved   Categories   in  the  State   of  Gujarat

Origin, shall only be eligible for Reservation / Relaxation benefits.


(a)      Candidates belonging   to  Scheduled Castes,  Scheduled Tribes,  Socially and  Educationally Backward  Classes,  Differently  Abled  Persons  (PH), Ex­Servicemen  and   Economically  Weaker   Sections  (EWS)  shall   be required to  pay  Fees  of Rs.350/­ plus  usual  Bank  Charges  and  all  other candidates  shall  be  required to  pay  Fees  of  Rs.700/­  plus  usual  Bank Charges,   via  “Print  Application/Pay  Fees”  Button   through  SBI e­Pay, provided      on     the     webpage    of    HC­OJAS    Portal     ­     https://hc­
(b)      Carefully  Read  and  Follow the  Instructions/Help given  thereat. Select  the Mode of Payment  i.e.  Online  Payment  or Cash­Challan  (Offline) (Cash­ Challan will be generated Online at SBI e­pay website  only).
(c)      In case of Online  Payment  Mode, after  successful  payment, Candidate will get e­Receipt  of the  same.  However,  if Transaction / Payment  fails due  to any technical  reasons,  follow the Instructions thereat.

Note:   e­Receipt  will  be  generated  at  the  respective  time  ONLY  i.e.  after  Successful Payment,  soft  copy as  well  as  hard  copy thereof  should  be preserved till  the conclusion of the instant  Recruitment Process.
(d)      If Cash­Challan  (Offline) Option  is  selected,  Candidate is required to take printout of 'Challan'  in TWO Copies  and  pay the requisite Fees before 

the  Challan  Expiry Date,  at any of the  SBI Branch,  by submitting the  said Challan  to the  Bank. The Concerned Bank Branch  will retain  one  Copy of the 'Challan' and return the other  Copy to the Candidate.

Note:   Payment   of  Fees CANNOT  be  made  after  the  expiry  Date  &  Time mentioned  in the Cash­Challan.

(e)      Candidates are  advised  to  preserve  the  copy of the  e­Receipt  (Online) / Cash­Challan (Offline) till the conclusion  of the Recruitment Process.
(f)       Confirmed   'Online   Application',   submitted  by  the   Candidate,  will   be considered as VALID Application,  only after he/she remits  the Examination Fees, as required, in the State  Bank of India through SBI e­Pay, before due time.
(g)      Requisite  Examination Fees,  can  be paid  through either  Mode  i.e.  Online (from   24/08/2021  to  16/09/2021)  or  Offline  (Cash­Challan)  (till   the Challan Expiry Date)  and the same shall ONLY be considered as VALID.
(h)      Fees paid by any other mode,  will NOT be considered as VALID Fees.

(i)       Fees once paid,  shall NOT be Refunded  OR shall NOT be Adjusted in any subsequent Recruitment Process, under  any circumstances. No correspondence/communications/calls should  be made,  to the  High Court, on this count.


The  Competitive  Examinations  will  be  conducted  at  Ahmedabad   or  at  the
Centre(s) as  decided   by  the  High  Court  and  Candidates shall  have  to  appear at their own cost in the respective  Tests, which would consist of :

(a) Elimination Test (Objective  type – MCQs) [100 Marks]
(b) Computer Aided Test [100 Marks]

(a)  Elimination Test:

i.     The  separate  Elimination  Test  (Objective  Type­MCQs),  for  both  the posts   would   be   conducted  tentatively  on   28/11/2021,  in   different session.
ii.    The  Elimination  Test  would   be  of  100  Marks  (Duration :  02  hours) consisting   of Multiple  Choice  Questions   (MCQs),  each  of 1  Mark.  For every  wrong/multiple  answer,  there  shall  be  Negative  Marking  of 0.33
Marks. The Language  of Question  Paper shall be English only (Except the questions in Gujarati  Language). 

iii.   The Syllabus for the Elimination Test shall be as follows :

   Computer Knowledge
   General  Knowledge
   English Language
   Numerical  & Mental Ability
   Analytical & Reasoning  Skills
   Current  Affairs
   Gujarati  Language

iv.     The Elimination Test shall be administered through an O.M.R. Sheet  or any other  mode  as may be decide  by the High Court and  O.M.R Sheets shall  be  evaluated by O.M.R. Sheet  Scanning  Machine  and  therefore, re­evaluation/rechecking/reassessment of O.M.R. sheets shall not be entertained  by  the  High  Court.   In  view  of  the  present  scenario   of COVID­19 pandemic, the High Court may conduct  the Elimination Test in any other  mode including  Online Computer Based Examination.
v.      Candidate shall  have  to  secure  minimum 50%  Marks  in  Elimination


vi.     Marks  obtained in  the  Elimination  Test,  shall  not  be  considered for determining the merits,  for preparing the Final Merit List.
vii.    In case,  large  number of Candidates qualify  in the  Elimination Test, it will be open for the High Court to restrict  the number of Candidates, as deemed necessary, according  to Merit, for the Next Stage i.e. Computer Aided Test.

(b)   Computer Aided Test:

i.   The candidates securing  minimum 50% Marks in the  Elimination Test, shall be eligible for being called for Computer Aided Test of 100 Marks with  2  hours  duration. The   separate  Computer Aided  Test,  for  both posts  would  be  conducted  tentatively  in  January, 2022,   in  different sessions.

ii.  Syllabus for the Computer Aided Test :

      For the post of System  Officer:

(a)    Fundamentals of Computer
(b)    Fundamentals of Networking (Internet & Intranet) (c)    Linux & Windows Operating System
(d)    Trouble Shooting
(e)    Language  (PHP/JAVA/HTML) (f)     Database  (MYSQL, PostgreSQL) 

      For the post of System  Assistant:

(a)   Fundamentals of Computer
(b)   Fundamentals of Networking (Internet & Intranet) (c)   Linux & Windows Operating System
(d)   Hardware Trouble Shooting


(a) The  Select   List  & Wait  List  will  be  prepared  on  the  basis  of  Marks obtained by the Candidates in the Computer Aided Test.
(b)       For being  eligible  to be included in the  Select  List/Wait  List, a Candidate shall have to secure minimum 40%  Marks in the Computer Aided Test.
(c)       The  Wait  List would  not  consist  of more  than  20%  of the  category­wise Notified  Vacancies  and  shall  be operated during  the  validity  period  of the Select List/Wait List.
(d)       The  Select  List/Wait List shall  remain   in  force  for  a  period   of  2  (Two) Years,  from  the  date  of  its  publication or  until  the  publication of  fresh List(s),  whichever  is earlier.  However,  if the  vacancies  in a particular year are  not  substantially higher  than  the  number of Candidates remaining in the existing  Select List / Wait List, the period  of such Select List / Wait List may be extended by the High Court not exceeding  One Year, so as to make appointment against  such vacancies  from the said Select List / Wait List.
(e) Any Candidate who does  not  accept  the  offer of appointment within  time­ limit,  shall  lose  his/her right  for  appointment and  the  High  Court  shall operate the Select List / Wait List, as the case may be.
(f)       The  High  Court  reserves  the  right  to  adopt  appropriate method of short­

listing the Candidates at any stage.

(g)       The Select  List  / Wait List  will be published on  High Court website as well as on HC­OJAS Portal.


No person  shall be eligible for appointment to the service ­ (a)       unless he/she is a citizen  of India.
(b)       if he/she is dismissed from  service  by Central  Government or  any  State

Government or U.Ts. or any High Court or Statutory or Local Authority.

(c)       if he/she has  been  convicted of an  offence  involving  moral  turpitude or who  is or  has  been  permanently  debarred  or  disqualified by  the  High 

Court  or the  Union/State Public Service Commission  or by any Recruiting or Examination Conducting Authority from appearing in Competitive Examinations or Selections.
(d)       if he/she directly  or indirectly  influences the  Recruiting  Authority  by any means  for his/her candidature.
(e) if he  is  a  man,  has  more  than  one  wife  living.  And,  if a  woman,   has married a man already  having  another  wife.
(f)       if  he/she may  be  found   in  possession  with  any  electronic  gadget(s) and/or indulging in unfair  practices  during  any of the  Examination / Test.

8.         HOW TO APPLY :

(a) Before   filling­up    the    ‘Online    Application’,   Candidate   is   advised    to thoroughly read and understand the Detailed Advertisement and the Instructions herein  and  should  ensure  that  he/she fulfills all the  eligibility criteria and other  norms  mentioned above and that  the particulars filled­in by him/her are true and correct in all respects.
In case,  it is detected at  any  stage  of Recruitment Process  or  even  before Appointment that  a  Candidate does/did not  fulfill the  eligibility  criteria  / norms  and/or that  he/she has/had suppressed / twisted or truncated  any material  facts,  his/her Candidature  shall be liable to be Cancelled. If, any of  these   shortcomings  is/are  detected  even   after   Appointment,  his/her service will be liable to be terminated with immediate effect.
(b)    Candidate  should   have  his/her  own/family  member’s  'registered'  Mobile Number  and  the  same  should  be kept  active  during  the  entire  Recruitment Process,  as SMS alerts  for the  various  Tests are  also likely to be sent  on the said Mobile Number,  registered in the ‘Online Application’.
(c)    Candidate should  scan his/her photograph having  5 c.m. of height  and 3.6 c.m.  of  width  (15 kb) and  signature having  2.5  c.m.  of  height  and  7.5 c.m. of width  (15 kb) in jpg format  in two separate files, for uploading the same at relevant space in the Online Application.

(d)    Steps for submitting ‘Online Application’ through the ‘HC­OJAS’ Module:­

1)      Fill­up all the  Fields  given  in Online  Application  including  mandatory

Fields, carefully.

2)      ‘Save’ the Online Application,  by clicking ‘Save’ button. 

3)      Thereafter,   a   new    pop­up    window    will   appear,   displaying    the

‘Application Number’, meaning thereby  the Application  is saved successfully. Candidate shall, note down the entire string of the Application  Number (e.g. HCG/202122/93/1111). By clicking ‘Show Application  Preview’ Button,  on­screen  preview  of the Application  will be displayed.
4)      Thereafter,  by  entering  Application   Number   and   Date   of   Birth, upload  scanned   photograph and  signature at  relevant space  on  the application one  by one  and  ensure  that,  the  uploaded ‘Photograph’  &
‘Signature’, are distinctly  recognizable after uploading.

Note:    Please  ensure  that  the  ‘scanned  signature’ of the  Candidate alone should  be uploaded, as the same  will  be verified  by the High Court at each  stage,  and  if the same does not match  with the signature of the Candidate, at the time of successive verifications during  the Recruitment   Process,   his/her   candidature  is   likely   be   rejected forthwith.

5)      If necessary, by using his/her Application  Number  and  Date of Birth, a Candidate can  edit  his/her Online  Application  through ‘Edit Application’ Button until his/her Application is Confirmed  by the Candidate.
6)      After   filling­up   all   the   required/mandatory   fields   of   the   Online Application,   correctly  and  duly  verified  by  the  Candidate, he/she  is required to  ‘CONFIRM’ the  Application,  by  clicking  ‘Confirm Application’ Button/Tab on the Main Menu. Thereby a pop­up  window will  appear, wherein the  Candidate has  to  enter  his/her Application Number  and  Date  of Birth  and  then  click on  ‘Confirm Application’ Button.
7)      Please  note  that,  after  ‘Confirmation’, further editing  of one’s ‘Online Application’ will not  be permitted by the  System  and  the  same  will be treated as Final Application  for the particular post.
8)    The Candidate should preserve  his/her Application  Number and Confirmation Number  for future  reference and  use, till the conclusion of the Recruitment Process.
9)      The  Candidate is now  required to  pay  the  requisite Fees  by clicking

“Print Application  / Pay Fee” Button.  Carefully follow the Instructions

/ Help given thereat. Select the  Mode of Payment  i.e. Online  Payment or  Offline  (Cash­Challan  will  be  generated Online,  by  the  Selecting
‘Cash’ Option). 

Note:  (a) If 'Cash' (Offline)  Option  is selected,  Candidate is required to take the  printout of 'Challan'  in TWO copies, generated through SBI e­ Pay and  pay  the  Fees at  any  of the  SBI Branch  by submitting the said Challan to the Bank.
(b) ONLY After  Payment   of  requisite  Examination  Fees,   through either   Mode  i.e.  Online  (from 24/08/2021 to  16/09/2021) or Offline  (Cash­Challan)  (till  the  Challan  Expiry  Date),  Confirmed Online Application  shall be considered as VALID.

10)    At the  end  of the  process,  the  Candidate shall  take  ‘Print Out’ of his/ her ‘Confirmed Application’ by clicking ‘Print Application’ Tab of the Main  Menu  and  retain   atleast  TWO copies   of  the  same  for  future reference & use.
11)    Please   note  that  the  Candidate is  not  required  to  and  should   not send  copy  of his/her Online  Application  and/or any  testimonials/ documents to the High Court. They should  produce the same,  as and when called for.
(e) Please  note  that  the above is the general  procedure for applying  Online.  No other  mode  of Application  or incomplete Application(s) shall be considered as  VALID and  in  such  cases,  the  Application(s)  are  liable  to  be  rejected outright.
(f)     A Candidate shall not apply more than once,  for any reason  at all.


(a) Benefit(s) of Relaxation in Upper  Age Limit and/or Examination Fees shall be granted to the Candidates belonging  to Reserved  Categories  i.e. SC/ST/SEBC/EWS/PH  (only   Orthopedically  Disabled)   / Ex­Servicemen, provided    that    requisite  Certificate    in   respect    thereof,    issued    by   the Competent Authority,  is produced by the  Candidate as and  when  called  for. The final decision,  as to the  suitability  of a Candidate for the  post shall rest with the High Court.
Note : Candidates belonging to Scheduled  Caste (SC) & Economically  Weaker  Sections (EWS)  Categories  for  the  post  of  System  Officer  and   Scheduled   Caste  (SC) category for the post of System Assistant, shall ONLY be entitled for relaxation in Examination Fees only.
(b)    The   Candidate  who   has   successfully  submitted  CONFIRMED Online Application   and   paid   the   requisite  Examination  Fees,   shall   only  be eligible  for appearing at the  Elimination Test/Computer Aided Test,  subject to their qualifying  therefor. 

(c)    The  decision   of  the  High  Court  as  to  the   eligibility  or  otherwise  of  a candidate for admission to the  Elimination Test/Computer  Aided Test shall be final.  No candidate, to whom  e­Call Letter has  NOT been  issued  by the Recruiting  Authority,  shall be allowed  to appear for the Elimination Test/Computer Aided Test.
(d)    The Candidate shall  have  to appear at their  own  expenses, to­and­fro, for the  Elimination Test/Computer  Aided  Test,  if called  for,  at  the  place  and time that  may be decided  by the High Court.
(e) Candidate shall  be  required  to  download his/her e­Call  Letter  from  the website   ­  https://hc­,  during   the  Preceding   Week,  by using Advertisement No., his/her Confirmation No. and  Date of Birth, for appearing at the  respective  Examination and/or the  same  may be communicated at  the  relevant time  through ‘SMS’ on  the  Mobile  Number registered in the Online Application  of the candidate concerned.
(f)     The  list  of  eligible/qualifying  candidates will  be  placed  on  High  Court website as well as on HC­OJAS portal at the relevant  time.
(g)    At every  stage  of examination, Candidate shall  produce, Identity  proof  i.e.

Election  Card / PAN Card / valid Driving License / valid Passport  / Aadhar Card etc. in original  & a copy thereof, along  with  the ‘e­Call Letter­cum­ Admission Slip’.
(h)    Entry  in  the  Compound   of  the  Examination  Centre  with  Mobile/Cell Phone,  Tablets,  Laptop, Electronic  Gadgets  etc. is strictly  prohibited. No arrangement for safe keeping, will be arranged,  which  may be noted.
Note :     A Candidate who  is found  indulging in unfair  practices, viz. copying  or misconduct  during   examination,  using   electronic  gadgets   or   Mobile Phones   etc.,  tampering  with  Question   Paper   / Examination  Material, influencing any Official concerned with  the  Examination Process,  will be debarred from  the  present Recruitment Process  as also  from  the  future Recruitment Processes to be conducted by the High Court for any number of years or permanently, as may be decided  by the High Court.

(i)     Result  of all Examinations/Tests will be made  available  on the  High Court websites  and/or by any other  mode that  may be decided  by the High Court.
(j) ONLY after  conclusion  of the  Recruitment Process,  Results  (Marks)  of each stage    of   Examination   shall    be   available    to   each    Candidate   except Candidate(s) disqualified at either  of the Examination Stage , by providing   a link      to      a      webpage      on      the   HC­OJAS   website    ­   https://hc­,  with  individual password (OTP ­ One  Time Password)

via SMS on his/her registered mobile number.

(k) Mere success in the Examination shall not confer any right to appointment and  no  Candidate shall  be  appointed to  the  post  unless  the  High  Court  is satisfied,   after   such  inquiries   as  may  be  considered  necessary   that   the Candidate is suitable in all respects  for appointment to the post.
(l) The selected  Candidate will not be appointed unless  the  Medical  Authority specified by the High Court, certifies him/her to be fit to discharge the duties ascribed  to the post.
(m)   Candidate  is  required  to   produce  the   following   original   testimonials/ documents as  well  as  one  set  of  self­attested copies  thereof  alongwith recent  passport  size  colour  photograph, as and  when  called  for,  by the High Court :
(i)          Print­out   of  the   duly  filled­in  (Confirmed)  ‘Online  Application’

alongwith e­Receipt/Challan.

(ii)         School  Leaving  Certificate  or Birth Certificate  issued  under  Birth

& Death Registration Act.

(iii)        Mark­sheets  and  Certificates  of SSC, HSC & Essential  Educational Qualification as stipulated in Para 2(A) above and Certificate  of Experience  as per Para 2(B).
(iv)        Caste Certificate  issued  by the  Competent Authority  of the  State  of Gujarat,  in case, the Candidate has applied  under  Reserved  Category (SC/ST/SEBC) and if belongs  to SEBC Category,  Non­Creamy Layer Certificate  valid for the current financial  year.
(v)         Economically  Weaker  Sections  (EWS) Eligibility Certificate  issued  by the   Competent  Authority   of  the   State   of  Gujarat,   in   case   the Candidate has applied  under  EWS Category.  The validity  of the said certificate   will  be  in  accordance with  provisions  prescribed by the State Government.
(vi)      In case of Differently  Abled (PH) (Orthopedically Handicapped Candidate), (a)  a  Certificate   from  a  Competent  Authority   to  the effect that  he/she has a locomotor disability  of not less  than 40% and    (b)   a   Certificate    from    the    Standing   Medical    Board    at Ahmedabad, to the effect that  he/she would  be able to perform  the duties  of the post in question.
(vii)       Certificate  of Discharge  from Service in case of Ex­Servicemen. 

(viii)      ‘No    Objection    Certificate    (NOC)’,    in   case,    if   employed    in

State/Central Government.

(ix)      Original  Certificates   from  Two  Respectable  Persons  being Professionals/ Dignitaries  like Doctor,  Engineer,  M.L.A., M.Ps., certifying   his/her  good   moral   character  (to   be  issued  in  last  6 months).
(x)         Government Gazette,  showing  change  in name/surname etc, if any. (xi)        In case any Criminal Case(s)/Complaint(s) have been  filed against
the   Candidate   concerned,   authenticated/attested   copies   of   the

relevant documents, viz. FIR/Charge­sheets, Judgment etc. (xii)       Original Identity  Proof as prescribed at Para 9(g).

10.       Any  Application   with  respect   to  instant   Recruitment  Process,   even   under the  R.T.I.  Act,  seeking  any  information,  will  NOT be  entertained  till  the completion of the entire  Recruitment Process.
11.       The   decision  of   the   High   Court   of   Gujarat   in   respect    of   all   matters pertaining  to  this  Recruitment  Process   would   be  final  and  binding   upon all the Candidates.

High Court of Gujarat,
Sola, Ahmedabad.                                                                                   Sd/­
Date : 21/08/2021                                             Registrar (Recruitment & Finance)

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