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4.        Medical Standards.

(a)        Fitness.         To be deemed Fit, a candidate must be in good physical and mental health and free from any disability likely to interfere with the efficient performance of military duty in all weather and across all terrains.  The selected candidates will have to appear for medical examination during the recruitment rally as per laid down medical standards.  Unfit candidates will be referred to MH / CH / BH for specialist review. Candidates referred for specialist review should present themselves to the nominated MH / CH / BH within 14 days of the referral and report back to ARO for issue of Admit Card for CEE, in case declared FIT.

(b)        Gender.         Any candidate if found to have predominantly masculine characteristics evidenced on external physical examination, will be rejected as UNFIT.  Any candidate having undergone gender reassignment surgery will be declared UNFIT .

(c)       Pregnancy.    Any female candidate, if found to be pregnant shall be disqualified and her candidature rejected.  A candidate should not have conceived at the time of reporting or till conclusion of training at CMP Centre and School.  A Medical Certificate from a Government Medical Doctor (with minimum MBBS qualifications) stating the no pregnant status of a candidate will be produced on reporting for the recruitment rally, and a fresh certificate again, when reporting to the Training Centre, failing which the individual will be rejected summarily.

(d)       At the time of the recruiting medical examination, all candidates will invariably be required to render a certificate that they do not suffer primary/secondary amenorrhoea, or menorrhagia (this will be explained in a language, and in terms that they understand). Candidates with the above mentioned conditions will be declared medically UNFIT.

(e)       If 180 days or more lapse between screening medical test at the rally and till despatch, medical will be done again and unfit candidates in this review will not be recruited.

(f)        Candidates are advised in their own interest to undergo medical exam before coming for selection especially with respect to flat foot, poor vision, deformities and physical measurements.  All are advised to ensure that their ears are free of wax by getting it cleaned by a doctor prior to the rally.

(g)       Detailed medical standards required, have been put up on website.

5.        Written Test through Common Entrance Examination (CEE).

(a)       Will be conducted for medically fit candidates at nominated venue. Location, Date and time of written test will be intimated at rally   site and through Admit Cards.

(b)       Admit card for the CEE for the Review Fit cases will be issued after declaring medically fit by concerned specialists at Military Hospital/Base Hospital/ Command Hospitals. 

(c)      Negative marking would be applicable in CEE.

(d)     Result  of  written  examination  will  be  declared  on  the  official  website No separate letter will be sent to the candidate. It is the responsibility of the candidate to check his result and report to ARO for documentation.

6.        Merit Preparation.    Rallies are being held at six different locations. Each location is catering to candidates from a group of States based on the geographic proximity of the States to the rally venue.  A separate merit list and reserve list will be prepared for each rally location.

7.        Documents.  Candidates are required to bring following documents / certificates in original with two attested photocopies with them to the rally site:-

(a)        Admit Card. Printed with Laser Printer on good quality paper (Do not shrink the size).

(b)        Photograph. Twenty copies of unattested Passport size colour photographs developed on good quality photographic paper in white background not more than three months old. Computer printouts / photoshopped photographs will NOT be accepted.

(c)        Education Certificates.

(i)        Education   Certificates   with   marks   sheet   in   original   of   all   educational qualifications achieved by candidate i.e. Matric / Intermediate / Graduation etc from recognised School / College / Board / University.

(ii)       Provisional / online education certificate should be certified ink signed by the head of the educational institution of concerned Board / University.

(iii)       Candidates with matric certificate from Open School should bring School Leaving
Certificate countersigned by BEO / DEO.

(d)        Nativity/Domicile   Certificate.   Nativity   Certificate   with   photograph   issued   by
Tehsildar/District Magistrate.

(e)        Class/  Caste  Certificate.  Class/  Caste  Certificate  affixed  with  photograph  of  the candidate issued by the Tehsildar/District Magistrate.

(f)         Religion Certificate. Religion Certificate issued by the Tehsildar/SDM. (if religion as
“SIKH/HINDU/MUSLIM/ CHRISTIAN” is not mentioned in caste certificate).

(g)        Character       Certificate.       Character       Certificate       from       School/College
Principal/Sarpanch/Ward member(Certificate valid for a period one year). 

(h)        NCC Certificate. NCC A/ B/ C certificates should have photograph of the candidate duly attested by issuing authority. Provisional NCC A/ B/ C pass certificates will only be accepted if authenticated by concerned NCC Group Commanders.

(i)         Relationship Certificate. DOS/ DOEX/ DOW/ DOWW Candidates are required to produce the following documents:-

(i)        Relationship certificate issued from respective Record Office only duly signed by Record Officer with Personal number, Rank, Name and particular of the Record Officer issuing the Relationship Certificate with office seal/stamp endorsed.

(ii)       A declaration to the effect as mentioned in the Affidavit on Ten Rupees Non- Judicial Stamp paper prepared by the ESM duly signed by 1st Class/ Executive/ Judicial Magistrate is required to be submitted by the candidate at rally site. Format of affidavit att as per Appx ‘A’.

(iii)       Original Discharge Book of Ex-Serviceman also to be produced. Name and date of birth of the candidate must have been recorded in it.

(iv)      Widows of Deceased Soldier can produce IAFY-1940 as a relationship certificate.

(k)       Unmarried Certificate. Candidate must be unmarried female and a citizen of India less exceptions as given below. Unmarried Certificate for candidates with photograph issued by Village Sarpanch/Municipal Corporation within last six months.

(l)         Married Candidates.

(i)        Women  who  are  widowed,  divorced  or  legally  separated  are  also  eligible provided they do not have any children.

(ii)       Widows of Defence personnel who have died in harness will be eligible to apply for enrolment as Women MP. Such widows even with children will be, however, eligible only if they have not remarried.

(iii)        Marriage During Training.   Candidates must undertake not to marry until they complete the full training at the CMP Centre and School, Bengaluru.  A candidate, who marries subsequent to the date of her application, though otherwise successful at the CEE and physical exam or medical examination, will not be selected for training.  A candidate may be dismissed from service if she marries during training or is found to be already married inspite of giving an undertaking regarding the same.

(m)       Single Bank A/C, PAN Card & AADHAR Card. Single Bank A/C, PAN Card & Aadhar Card are mandatory documents for final enrolment for purpose of Pay & allowances and other social benefits scheme.

8.        Discipline.     Candidates who have been dismissed from their previous service on disciplinary grounds are not eligible.

9.        Affidavit. Duly signed by candidate on Rs 10/- Non-judicial Stamp Paper  as per online specimen duly attested by notary will be submitted by candidate at the Rally Site.  Format of Affidavit att as per Appx ‘B’.

Important Instructions

10.      Administration. Candidates are advised to bring sufficient eatables and drinking water with them since recruitment is a time consuming process.

11.      Candidates will be permitted entry into the rally site only on production of Admit Card in duplicate generated online through the official website Anyone found with fake admit card will be handed over to Civil Police. 

12.      Recruitment into the army is a free service. Candidates are advised not to pay bribe to anyone for recruitment as it is based purely on merit. Selection process during recruitment at all stages is computerised and transparent. Therefore, candidates are advised to be beware of touts as they cannot help them at any stage.

13.      Candidates are advised to check their age & education criteria before participating in the rally. Candidates found under age / overage and not meeting education criteria will be disqualified.

14.      Giving / taking bribe, production of bogus / fake certificates and indulging in unfair means is a criminal offence and liable for punishment under law.

15.      Certificates with overwriting, tampering of seals or erasing/alteration of any type will not be accepted.

16.      All  documents  submitted  by  the  candidates  are  verified  by  government  agencies  before enrolment into Army. Strong legal action will be taken against individuals submitting fake documents. Even after recruitment, the service will be terminated if candidates are found to have produced fake documents or gave wrong information at the time of recruitment, despite the number of years of service individual may have rendered.

17.      No compensation for Death / injury / loss etc during the rally and no travelling allowance / dearness allowance for journey is admissible. Candidates will participate in the rally at their own risk and the participation is totally and entirely voluntary. The signing of Indemnity Bond is a mandatory reqmt.

18.       Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs. Use of any kind of performance enhancing drugs is strictly banned. Candidates having been  found to have used the same will be debarred from further screening.

19.     Tattoo. Permanent body tattoos are only permitted on inner face of forearms i.e From inside of elbow to the wrist and on the reverse side of palm/back (dorsal) side of hand. Permanent body tattoos on any other part of the body are not acceptable and candidates will be barred from further selection.

20.    Selection is provisional till Rahdari Certificate is issued and candidates are despatched for training.

21.    Mobile phones are not permitted in the rally site and at the time of CEE.

22.    Candidates may have to present themselves at rally site and for medical checkup for three to four days. Candidates should make arrangements for stay under their own arrangements.

23.    For more details contact on telephone number  011-26173840.

24.      Miscellaneous.

(i)         Travelling Allowance.       Selected candidates when joining CMP Centre and School for training will be provided with Travelling Allowance as applicable to all recruits.

(ii)       Attestation.   On successful completion of 33 weeks of training at CMP Centre & School, Women MP Recruits will be attested in the rank of Sepoy.

(ii)       Liability for Service.     Individuals granted service under this Army Instruction will be liable for service in any part of the world on selected appointments and assigned any duty in organizational interest, as decided from time to time by the Army Headquarters.

(iii)       Promotion.    Promotion vacancies for Women MP would be as per pro rata ratio with male MP.

(iv)       Pay and Allowances.        Pay and allowances will be at the rates and under the conditions applicable to all MP personnel, as revised from time to time.

(v)       Leave.    The leave will be governed by the rules as applicable to JCOs and other ranks as given in Chapter III of the Leave Rules for the Services Volume I (Army) 1978 as amended from time to time and other kinds of leave, as exclusively applicable to women officers on gender basis as amended from time to time. 

(vi)       Reserve Liability.     Women MP enrolled under these Army Instructions and released on or before the expiry of seventeen years service, as the case may be, will carry a reserve liability for two years after release.

(vii)     Pensionable Service. Pension will be entitled on completion of 15 years of service with colours. They will be entitled to all pensionary benefits as applicable vide Pension Regulations for the Army 2008.

Disclaimer.  The terms and conditions, given in the notification and on the website are subject to change and should, therefore, be treated as guidelines only. In case of any ambiguity, the existing policies, rules and regulations of Indian Army / Government of India will be final. Details are also available on website All legal disputes will be considered in the High Court under whose geographic jurisdiction the recruitment rally venue falls.

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